I use the latest digital technology to make photographs that are virtually indistinguishable from traditional darkroom prints. These new prints are also archival. They will not fade, and they have a life of 200 years.


Using Photoshop, I restore each image. Faded values are brought back. Spots, stains, scratches, and even missing sections are repaired. The image has new clarity, new depth, new life.


I utilize a magnificent digital inkjet printer called the Canon Image Prograf Pro-1000, but the unique value

I offer is interpretation.


I’ve spent fifty years printing Hollywood glamour photographs in a darkroom, and ten years digitally. Drawing on this expertise, I create digital fine-art prints that honor the artist’s vision. An increased tonal range revitalizes each image, revealing new dimensions, contrast, and resonance.

Textured papers from Canson, Arista, and Hahnemühle provide an elegant presentation for your favorite images and transform them into gallery-quality prints.

I’m able to achieve these results even from poorly printed and yellowed photographs. The digital process can “see” tones and shades that aren’t visible to the human eye, and it can bring them back. Favorite images that have languished for years in inferior prints can in most cases be refreshed, enhanced, and enlarged. The new prints look like custom vintage prints!


Photographs courtesy of Greenbriar Picture Shows.


This kind of work usually costs at least $80 for the restoration and $60 for an oversized print. For a limited time, I am asking $48 --- for both!


You receive an 11x14 archival print, fully restored, for $48.00!


Send me your 8x10 print along with a check or PayPal payment for $48.00. I will return your original in two weeks, along with a lovely 11x14 fine-art print. (Other sizes are available, and your original photograph can be any size.)

The Starlight Studio is located at 672 South La Fayette Park Place, in the historic Granada Buildings, in the Westlake District of Downtown Los Angeles. The studio telephone is 213-908-5488.


You may e-mail us at:



                            PRINTS FROM OUR INVENTORY

If you like the masterly Hollywood photographs in my books, we maintain an inventory of available images. You may order selected photographs from Hollywood Horror, George Hurrell's Hollywood, Into the Dark, Cecil B. DeMille, and Forbidden Hollywood. The images shown here are only a few of the prints available. Gallery-quality fine-art prints are also available for many other stars of Hollywood's Golden Era.


Here are print sizes and prices (not including framing or shipping).

8x10 . . . . . . $40.00

11x14 . . . . . . $80.00

16x20 . . . . . . $160.00


For further information, please e-mail us at: