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I use the latest digital technology to make photographs that are virtually indistinguishable from traditional darkroom prints. These new prints are also archival. They will not fade, and they have a life of 200 years.

Ball Carpenter Fine Art Print`.jpg

Using Photoshop, I restore each image. I create digital fine-art prints that honor the artist’s vision. An increased tonal range revitalizes each image, revealing new dimensions, contrast, and resonance.Faded values are brought back. Spots, stains, scratches, and missing sections are repaired. The image has new clarity, new depth, new life.

use a magnificent inkjet printer called the Canon Image Prograf Pro-1000, but the unique value I offer

is interpretation.

Textured papers from Canson, Canon, and Hahnemühle provide an elegant presentation for your favorite images and transform them into gallery-quality prints.

Holman Libby 1929 Restoration 2023`.jpg

I’m able to achieve these results even from poorly printed and yellowed photographs. The digital process can “see” tones and shades that aren’t visible to the human eye, and it can bring them back. Images that have languished for years in inferior prints can in most cases be refreshed, enhanced, and enlarged. The new prints look like custom vintage prints!


Colbert C Cleopatra Paul Hesse Dye Trans
Dietrich Hoppe P1167-49 Restoration`.jpg
Garbo G Bull Mata Hari Before & After`.jpg

 Also Available:


If you like the masterly Hollywood photographs in my books, you may order selected photographs from Hollywood Horror, George Hurrell's Hollywood, Into the Dark, Cecil B. DeMille, and Forbidden Hollywood.


The images shown here are only a few of the prints available. Gallery-quality prints are also available for other stars of Hollywood's Golden Era.


Here are print sizes and prices (not including framing or shipping).

8x10 . . . . . . $60.00

11x14 . . . . . . $120.00

16x20 . . . . . . $240.00

The Starlight Studio is located at 672 South La Fayette Park Place, in the historic Granada Buildings, in the Westlake District of Downtown Los Angeles. The studio telephone is 213-908-5488.


You may e-mail us at:

Vert Framed Welles Fine-Art Print`.jpg
Crawford J Hurrell Dancing Lady 96 Fine-Art Print.jpg
West M Richee Belle Nineties P146-229 psp copy`.jpg
fb Shearer Adrian Riptide 1934.jpg
Lanchester E Freulich R Bride of Frankenstein 729-111`.jpg
Dietrich M Jones MD-18`.jpg
Flynn E Adventures of Robin Hood Dufay Color Dupe Trans cclb psp copy.jpg
Lake V Richee neg 001`.jpg

All images © 2022 by Mark A. Vieira dba The Starlight Studio.

We monitor the Internet for stolen artwork.


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