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PRE-CODE MOVIES, 1930 to 1934


mark a. vieira





How did militant Catholics wrest control of a Protestant marketplace from a Jewish-controlled film industry? That story is told in a sexy new book from Running Press and Turner Classic Movies.


In Forbidden Hollywood, photographer Mark A. Vieira brings you unseen images and untold tales. This is the ultimate guide to “pre-Code,” the adult-themed films that were released between 1930 and 1934, when the studios promised not to make “immoral movies,” but made them anyway. Looking at these features, modern viewers say: “I never saw that in an old Hollywood film!” The images are both provocative and transporting, marvels of black-and-white beauty. The stories are engaging—and sometimes hilarious.  


Forbidden Hollywood is three books in one: a lavish pictorial; the suspenseful story of the fight to control America’s sixth-largest industry; and a guide to the transgressive classics made before censorship. This is the colorful story of a cultural revolution in Depression-era America.



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April 11, 2019


Kenneth Turan




“Mark A. Vieira, an expert in his field, uses scintillating images to explore racy pre-Code doings.”

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